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Special Delivery

Special Delivery is set in a fictional time of the demise of America. The world is in turmoil, fuel costs have skyrocketed, and terrorists have begun to prey on America’s weakness. Allegiance and patriotism exist in the minority of America’s citizens.

In response, America spawns a new sub-class citizens called the Rogue. Jonathan Sprague, an American war hero, becomes the formidable leader of the Rogue and makes a Special Delivery for America as the chaos unfolds.

Dishonorably Interred

Colonel John Moor, a career military officer whose tarnished reputation and lost hope of ever becoming Brigadier General, devises a scheme to leave the military on his terms.

Assigned to supervise the cataloging of the newly found wealth of the emergent democratic nation of Iraq after the rule of Saddam Hussein, he orchestrates a plan to steal $11 million of this new-found wealth and ship it to the United States. Colonel Moore was the master of the plan, but as plans go, it had its flaws. The question became, would he see the light of day to reap the rewards he so desired. 

Liam's Story

Centenarian Liam Corcoran, the son of an Irish immigrant, travels with his mother and sister from Quincy, Massachusetts to Norwich, Connecticut after the death of his father in 1914. His mother arranges for them to board with a large Italian family while she searches for employment. His life changes quickly only days after arriving at the boarding house when his mother and sister die from pneumonia. He becomes a fourteen-year-old orphan. The kindness and generosity of the family changes his life forever when they welcome him in as a member.

During his journey through life, Liam serves in two world wars and celebrates many births and marriages. Unfortunately, he mourned much more then he celebrated. The pain of living an extended life and suffering the loss of those he loved so dearly, is the crust of this heart wrenching story.

The Power of Choices

Abortion is a power-packed and heated subject of much controversy. It is deeply personal, politically charged, and fraught with emotion from both sides of the debate. It is also the subject of many individual testimonies of pain, regret, physical damage, and personal heartache. The Power of Choices is one woman’s personal testimony of her journey through this emotional minefield. She looks back at the progression of choices that resulted in the most pain-inducing decision of her life, the consequences she has had to deal with as a result, and the conclusions she has come to in the 32 years since this 20-minute event occurred. It is an exploration of personal responsibility and the Grace that enables us all to accept and pursue it, one decision at a time. This is her journey of healing, restoration and faith.

Stories from the Well

This is the story of one woman’s journey through several of life’s battles: questioning her perceptions of God, navigating the aftermath of her parents’ divorce, healing from abortion, struggling with anger issues, learning to trust, and more. Using John Chapter 4 as an allegory, she shares how meeting “the Man at the Well” meant the difference between the shame and defeat she was experiencing and the unqualified hope and certain victory she is overwhelmingly grateful for today.

Poems Shorts & Quotes

Poems Shorts & Quotes is a compilation of thoughts, experiences,and revelations the author has encountered over time. Her hope is to bring thought to the reader that will encourage - or  provoke - a conversation.

I'm a Wellness Witness

Explores principles of health that offers longevity and a clear mind. She makes it easy to follow her prescriptions (as she calls them). Never forceful or demanding, but lovingly supportive and instructive, this book speaks to how to achieve great health. Miss Etta, an octogenarian (86 years young), proves her words to be true as she is truly 'A Wellness Witness'!

Mentoring Anyone?

This book is intended to guide and inspire you to become a Mentor. It will provide you with understanding the basic elements of mentoring and suggestions for a rewarding Mentor-Mentee relationship. It will encourage you to share your unique qualities, skills and time, for the benefit of others but also, your own. When we help others in need, so often, we receive more in return.

Curly Top

Curly Top really dislikes her curls! They always get in the way when she plays. Her Nana feels sorry that she is so frustrated with her curls and decides to do something about it! Will it make Curly happy or sad? Read on and you will see. 

Birthday at the Museum

Lily is celebrating her birthday and she is having her birthday party at the Museum of Natural History. She invites her three friends Carter, Michael, and Mia along to celebrate her special day. Lily is overwhelmed with joy when she arrives at the museum. As Lily and her friends make their way around the museum, they will encounter many pleasant surprises that will make Lily’s day even more special.

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